• Somebody Call Me

    I'm so alone,
    without you here tonight,
    stuck at home,
    without you by my side,

    Killing time,
    watching as the hours go by,

    *slowly let out a sigh*

    Clock strikes 12,
    I need some help,
    I don't know what to do,
    all I know is that I'm not myself,
    whenever I'm without you,

    All my friends have dissapeared,
    so more than ever I need you here,

    your my one, your my only,
    and right now I'm feeling lonely,

    staring out the window,
    watching as the minutes go,
    holding on to what I know,

    I know you love me too,
    but what am I supposed to do,
    when I'm here alone, without you?

    Somebody call me,
    I need some help,
    somebody save me,
    from myself,
    somebody show me,
    that I'm ok,
    somebody tell me,
    what to say...

    I'll whisper it to this empty room,
    wishing I could whisper to you,

    I'll hold on to what I feel,
    feeling that my heart is real,

    Its so cold without you here,
    as I lay alone in fear,
    wishing I could be with you,
    but you seem so far away,

    I'll listen to the same songs,
    they seem to take the pain,
    I'll feel like I belong,
    standing in the rain,

    I close my eyes,
    and see your face,
    I want to cry,
    but I'm ok,

    I hear your voice in my head,
    I dream of you,
    when I've gone to bed,

    Somebody call me,
    I need a voice,
    somebody save me,
    from this noise,
    somebody show me,
    that I'm ok,
    somebody tell me,
    what to say...

    I wish you were here...