• My will is set in Stone, I do not want to die Alone,
    And even though I try and try Im always failing to Atone,
    For all the sins that I commit, it is so obvious to see,
    That all the sh*t that made my being is now weighing down on me.

    Now everybody knows the hardships of trying to come out first,
    And there is always someone bigger who makes you seem like the worst,
    When motivation comes around, you hope to not be the last,
    You try to avoid results and run away from there fast.

    Now i ain't saying this is the average life of teens,
    Im just saying some sh*t in life is too obvious it seems,
    I may be exaggerating or maybe its just me,
    I try to not hate on myself but take a look and see.

    I help friends to lie to their friends, how does that seem outside,
    I try to keep no loose ends so it is them i confide,
    But i go to extreme length's so I cant ever go again,
    To the life that I once knew, if ther I would meet my end.

    Now your back in your room, your tryin to feel better,
    All the sh*t you experianced has burnt your life redder,
    Now you sit in the dark, your wishing the tears away,
    Whispering to yourself that this is an average day.

    Now I apologize for sadness I know I aint the best,
    There were just some things in school eating at my chest,
    And F*ck it I did write this song while I was depressed.