• I find my way into thy very being
    I twist and turn
    Changing every aspect of what thou used to know.

    I am a being of few words
    Yet thou has spoken for me
    Through thy actions
    Yet thou refuses to recognize me

    Has thou forgotten what I am?

    I am the love of thy life
    Taken away from thou in haste
    By the choice that thou made

    I slashed away the morrbid thoughts
    The ones thou claimed to never have
    The oness that keep me well alive
    Yet thou refuses to see me

    Has thou forgotten who I am?

    I change the very being thu wished to be
    Once though, I would have changed thou for the better
    But now look at me
    Don't turn away now...
    Don't turn away again...
    Thou aren't...-

    Does thou even recognize thyself anymore?