• As I sit here,
    I understand,
    That life takes a course,
    That may be bland.
    This life is happy,
    This life is sweet,
    This life is kind
    As summer's heat.

    But there is
    An emptiness inside
    Like something waiting,
    But wanting to hide.

    Something that
    We always seek
    And when we find it,
    Cannot keep.

    For this is
    a crazy thing,
    That stays with you
    Until you bring
    All you need to
    To this world,
    And go to live
    In godly twirls.

    Yet it is
    So delightful
    That when it comes
    It comes as a light bulb
    turned to reveal
    the unfilled spaces
    that we tried to fill
    with faces.

    Yet that never truly worked
    for kindness and vanity
    sometimes hurt.

    Alas there is
    only one thing
    That could be this, and I admit;

    That Love is the crime we all commit.