• A whisper of wind.
    The sky bright with sun's light.
    The perfect day
    For careless play.

    Loping in the tall swaying grass,
    A girl of twenty is found.
    Her smile lights up the day more,
    Even if her life is so poor.

    Her parents dead,
    Her friends gone,
    Yet she frolics in the valley of flowers.
    Her heart torn, but yet holding great powers.

    She holds her arms wide,
    Embracing the freedom of wind.
    She breathes in the joyful air,
    Content in being there.

    No tears are welled up,
    No thoughts of suicide.
    She is open to the joy.
    She is open to her toy...

    Her toy of freedom,
    Of hours of happy play.
    She smiles, even alone at times.
    Yet her laughter is like bell chimes.

    As the sun dips into the waters,
    She sits watching sunset.
    Her father beside her, yet far away.
    Her friend beside her, ready for another day...