• I am who I am
    I'm special and unique
    I'm a delightful treat
    I'm who I am
    I shouldn't care what other people think
    I have friends who accept me for me
    And not someone else
    I know I'm not perfect
    And i know that's okay
    Sure sometimes my smile turns into a frown
    And negative thoughts won't leave my head
    I lay on my bed with tears coming from my eyes
    I know I should't care for what others think
    But still I try to cheer up by saying
    I'm just me I am who I am
    And if they don't like me for me
    Than why bother?
    I know my friends will be there all day and night
    Cause we're tight
    I get the bad thoughts out and the good ones in
    I always try to remember the good compliments I've recived
    And forget about the rude ones
    I know who I am
    Even though people try to change who I am
    I'll stay and I know when I make a mistake
    Something good always comes out of it
    I remind myself if it wasn't for me someone may not be living
    I stay positive and say
    I know every night someone thinks about me before they go to sleep
    And they like me for me
    And if someone doesn't like you for you
    Just remember
    This is who I am