• I'm sitting in the dark,
    Waiting for the sun to rise,
    And to the thought of you,
    Made me go insane.

    How come does it have to end,
    This way?
    You never knew me,
    But why can't you just listen to me?

    If you think I'm not depressed,
    And an outcast,
    I'll have to tell you,
    To think again.

    I may not look like an outcast,
    But on the inside I truly am,
    I may fake a smile,
    But you think that's the true me.

    But the only person who knows the realme,
    Is me,
    You think you know everything about me,
    But you don't!

    I may laugh,I may smile,
    But that's not who I am.

    I am a loner,
    I am an outcast,
    And I am everything that everybody's not.

    I may not cry,
    But I tell people that everything's alright,
    When it's not.

    This is who I am,
    A loner,
    A girl who don't give a ********,
    What people say about her,
    'Cause I've been so hurt by people,
    That now,
    I'm just sick of it.

    I don't care anymore,
    You may trust my pretence,
    But here's the truth,
    I'm not what you think I am,
    So turn back around,
    And I will show my real self to you.