• A malevolent abstract
    Something you couldn't understand even if you wanted to
    And believe me you don't
    Condemn it because you fear it: it won't do you any good
    It jumps out of the world of fantasy with a blood thirsty exuberance
    That could only be described as overkill
    Drown this world in its own blood
    Out of nothing more than sheer boredom
    You don't even know what excessive violence means
    But you will
    You will learn one letter at a time
    In this alphabet A stands for annihilation
    B stands for bludgeoning
    C stands for castration
    And D stands for decapitation
    The first four notes of your shrieking requiem in a minor
    By the end of the thousandth measure you'll be begging for death
    So assume the fetal position
    And tremble in fear
    As the song of the siren
    Pierces your ears
    And your veins explode under your skin
    This is where your end begins