• You know
    I have never thought
    About love
    So much before
    Now I know what you mean to me

    Its not just being friends
    Not at all
    Or being my parents

    Its about everything you've done for me
    You've made me feel special
    Like the luckiest person in the world
    And i don't know how to
    Tell you how much I appreciate it

    Every sunset
    I hope our love is as pure as a blue bird's eyes
    Holding me
    Loving me
    In every minute of the day
    It's you that makes me
    And proud of everything that I've done
    When I was about to fall
    You took my hand
    And all of a sudden
    My hope was gained
    My faith
    My pride
    I still wonder what can i do for you
    You do so much
    But i wouldn't mind if you were just
    Right beside me
    That's all I've ever wanted
    But you do so much
    And do not ask for anything in return

    As long as you were there
    I wouldn't mind anything
    Because of you
    I'm standing strong on my feet

    With you i can get through anything
    A hurricane
    A migraine
    I want you right beside me

    After the day
    We can watch the sky
    The stars
    The moon

    And be happy forever
    But what would happen if we never met
    If you were someone else's mom or dad
    What would i do then

    I hope everyone understands
    That having people that care
    Is something
    That will last forever
    That without them
    You may one day say to yourself
    I wish you were here
    Right beside me

    It may seem not enough in your life
    But did you notice that
    Without them
    Everything would not turn out right
    Its good to have them around
    'Cause when someone cares
    They will stay with you together
    If they care they will care forever

    Those who care would tell you

    I'll be right here
    Beside you