• rumble
    i look out my window
    i see my friend and a hot tall guy next to him
    who could that be
    i have never seem him before
    then i remembered wait him brother is coming
    is that him
    really him
    a mistic beauty stands in the yard next to mine
    first thought is i love him but he would never want me
    but later on we all had a sleep over
    and we talked when everyone was fast asleep
    we stayed up till 5 talked joked and played alittle video games
    then one night 2 days after christmas
    he said he loved me
    and since then we have been together
    and i will always love him even when i die
    he will always mean everything to me
    and i will love noone else but him
    there is noone not even close that could fill his place
    not in my heart.
    i hope we will be together forever married kids ect.....
    i will always love him! heart
    ~together forever~