• Feeling bored
    Felt like stored
    I'm stuck at school
    The principal is very cruel

    Some teachers compare us to other class
    oh! I want to take out that trash
    Some teachers are kind and nice
    I like them , they don't make me feel like a mice

    But I love to learn here
    I love to be with my friends
    More than the new fashion trends
    Oh! how much I stay here just for them

    Sometimes I feel so dry and numb
    Sometimes when I write I can't feel my thumb
    I often fell like I want to cut class and breakout
    But I usually feel like a stuck sea trout

    My reaction is usually "aw c'mon ,damn"
    But what can I do I'm not a man
    Well that's life there's always suffering and sacrifice
    It's like a random dice