• In the dark of the night she tosses and turns
    Mumbling incoherent words
    Her body covered in cold sweat
    Crying out for some one who isn't there
    In her dream she is running
    But from what?
    She doesn't know
    Her instincts tell her to run
    She doesn't know what she's running from
    Yet she runs anyway
    She soon reaches a dead end
    Quickly she turns around but she trips
    Now it's too late to run
    She yells at herself to wakeup
    But her yelling is useless
    She fought her persuitor to the best of her ability
    But she fell once more
    Into pure darkness
    She quickly sits up
    Now wide awake
    Hearing a chuckle she looks beside her
    A man holding a gun stood there smirking
    He whispered two words before holding the gun to her head
    A blood curdling scream echoed through out the home
    She was gone
    Her eyes were closed
    Never to open again