• Don't cry,
    Lean on me,
    I will listen to your selfish plees,
    I won't worry,
    Nor will you,
    We'll stay together,
    Just us two,
    Don't run away,
    Stay with me,
    I will try not to see,
    That your falling apart,
    I wont mention it,
    I will piece you back together bit by bit,
    You are a precious rose,
    And your mine,
    I will water you,
    And watch you grow in time,
    If you start to fall over,
    I will catch you,
    And watch you blush a crimson hue,
    No matter how far we are,
    We will always be together,
    We will be together forever,
    No matter how much u change,
    You'll still be you,
    And we'll be together,
    Just us two.