• Hold me close,
    Breathe me in.
    Let me fall,
    Into sin.

    Say three words,
    And kiss my lips,
    All my wounds,
    You wish to fix.

    Call my name,
    Say it right.
    Keep holding my hand,
    Grasp it tight.

    Steal my heart,
    It is yours,
    False perfection,
    Full of flaws.

    Take my face,
    Into your hands,
    Pull me even deeper,
    Into my dream land.

    Time knows no limits,
    It's flawless and unengaged,
    It makes me forget all the wars,
    That in my mind rage.

    I'm aware this is a dream,
    It's too good to be true,
    Because here I am standing,
    I'm standing here with you.