• Shingami's Requim-

    When the wind blows,
    The petal falls,
    Landing in a puddle of blood.
    Under the Sakura Tree,
    A cliff's edge drops.
    At the bottom,
    Lays a body,
    A dead man's body.
    While a Shinigami woman weeps over him,
    He is to some.
    But Dear Naoko,
    He is to her.
    She's seen many humans pass by,
    Her note of death,
    Striking them down.
    But none have made her feel so strange,
    As the young man she stands over today.
    She does blame,
    One man,
    For her love's death.
    His name,
    Is L.
    A strange name, no?
    She hates this man with a fiery passion...
    And for all eternity,
    She hopes,
    He burns,
    As Shadow's envelope his soul,
    To turn him into a demon,
    To forever,
    Make him scream.