• Death and Tears by: Tara aka cutiel4ever

    First comes sickness, then comes death
    Pills before school and plastic hugs at night
    Ignorance of my surroundings even with splotches on the body
    Death and tears

    Sent away to have fun
    Close ‘Witnesses’ take me in
    Afterwards, retuning to unrealistic happiness and joy and maybe hope
    Death and tears

    ‘Where’s mom?’ curious and uncaring
    ‘Not here’ forgotten and gone by me and him
    Or so was the thought, but not anymore
    Death and Tears

    Tears and darkness fill me
    ‘Why so dark?’ I wonder
    ‘Because we’re sad’ said emotionless
    Death and Tears

    Death surrounded by tears
    ‘Mommy, Mommy wake up’ I beg
    ‘She can’t’ is the only response as I’m pulled away
    Death and Tears

    Grandma taken away, too much noise
    Everyone with wet faces
    Six and Ignorant was I
    Death and Tears

    False tears fall as I feel left out
    Watching them cry, I force my felt to be wet like them
    No sadness, just confusion
    Death and tears

    Too many years later I understand as a nother one is taken away
    I yell and scream and remember my grandma
    I don’t deserve one is the only thought besides
    Death and Tears

    Tears before bed while thinking of death
    Stories from dad are joyous and happy
    Memories from me are sad and heart-breaking
    Death and Tears

    Old enough to finally understand
    Too late to say good-bye
    Worry of genes, tears from me while the only things I think about are
    Death and Tears