• the sky was a bleak and cloudy gray,
    the clouds floated across the sky,
    birds flew over head,
    cooing and cawing to each other,
    as they drifted away with the wind,
    leaves rustled and fell from that old oak on main street,
    they landed with no sound at all,
    then it started to rain,
    the side walks became splattered with rain,
    and the streets becamevacant exept for the occasional speeding car,
    rain fell down my cheeks and my back,
    soaking my clothes and my hair,
    yet i still sat on that wooden bench,
    trying to read a book,
    maybe i was to lazy to get up,
    i sat,
    and slept on that bench that night,
    watching and listening to the rain fall,
    listening to the trees blow in the wind,
    and the birds that cawed to eachother,
    then i realized,
    one of these days there may be no more trees,
    and the birds wont show theyre faces,
    leaves wont fall on the green grass,
    and clouds will blend in with a gray sky,
    i wont be here to see that day,
    but someone else will,
    and i dedicate this poem to that one person,
    thank you,
    and good luck.