• Some days I feel beautiful.
    I walk with my head held high and a smile on my face.
    Nothing can stop me then.

    Some days I feel ugly.
    I try to hide in the crowd and disappear into silence.
    Everything brings me down.

    Some days I feel powerful.
    I have a twinkle in my eye and laughter on my lips.
    I am standing on a mountain.

    Some days I feel weak.
    My mind beats itself up and my heart lets itself down.
    The earth has fallen from below me.

    Some days I feel rich.
    I step lightly on clouds and dive into a pool of happiness.
    I raise my hands in victory.

    Some days I feel poor.
    Glass cuts into my feet and the sun doesn't shine bright.
    Everything around me is dead.

    Some days I feel flirty.
    I bat my eyes and give a little smile that kills.
    I am a lioness on the prowl.

    Some days I feel unloved.
    Tears reign down on me and my mind is a swirling ocean.
    I am drowning in sorrow.

    Everyday I am me, more or less.