• It’s a mystery.
    It’s a blessing.
    It’s a curse.
    It’s filled with tears, laughs, smiles, frowns.
    We go through living one day at a time.
    The past haunts us,
    The future terrifies us.
    The present soon becomes the past,
    The future soon becomes the present.
    We travel though time looking,
    Looking for answers,
    Looking for love,
    Looking for a purpose.
    The outlook changes,
    We change.
    Some look though the past present and future to find who they are.
    Some let the past present and future change them hardly even noticing.
    Some dwell on the past while others try to forget.
    For each person there is a different path,
    A different journey.
    We go through life,
    Separate people,
    Always changing,
    Always searching.
    We have a choice though.
    We can face the pain,
    The pleasure,
    The tears,
    The smiles,
    Alone or together.
    Life can be complex or it can be simple.
    For some it’s one way for others it’s different.
    We all have different outlooks,
    Different thoughts on how life should be.
    Maybe our thoughts are correct.
    Maybe their thoughts are correct.
    Maybe no ones thoughts are correct.
    Maybe were all our thoughts are correct.
    Life can be worth living for or it can be a waste.
    It’s a maze of time, emotion, thoughts.
    But the beauty of life is,
    We don’t have to face it alone.
    We can go through with people by our side.
    They may bring pain,
    But they will also bring pleasure.
    We must take both,
    And walk, together.
    Finding our way through this maze we call life
    We must travel with other people.
    If we chose to travel alone,
    How if life worth living for?