• I live in a cruel world,
    Colored in black and white.
    My heart is grey
    And broken.
    You're burning, burning black!
    Burning me to cinders.
    Burning us both in flames of hate and passion,
    The ice might just destroy me.
    Cruel world, cold world,
    My eyes no longer see beauty,
    only suffering, only pain,
    only grief, only shame.
    I live in a cruel world, black and white world,
    Shades of gray world,
    Colors leeched away,
    naught remains but oceans of raw emotion.
    I'm drowning for you,
    Swallowed up by murky black water.
    My feet are stuck in the dark muck.
    My last breath is leaving me now;
    With it I utter
    A poem.