• I will never give up
    I will never give in
    Because if I do
    I won't win
    Don't care if I fall hard
    Don't care if I hurt so bad
    Because I know I have
    The Potential to become
    The winner

    Use to say
    wining is the best
    But losing can be even
    and you learn the lesson
    I won't ever give up
    I will never give in
    Because I will win

    gasping for air
    Losing the feeling
    am I going to live tonight
    My heart is raising
    am I giving up
    because I want to live
    I want to be an idol

    use to say
    that every one was better
    but I am me, I am I
    I can do what I want with me
    I am who I am
    I will never give up
    Because I will WIN

    Gone so far
    This is who we are
    The believers the fools
    who will change the world
    fighting to the end
    and had pain in the start
    but we can make through
    We can win

    we all use to say
    that we can't do this
    any way
    but we were young
    but now we are the fools
    of the world
    we will never give up
    we will SURVIVE
    we will WIN
    when we believe in dreams
    they will come true