• I have another account on here called Chibi Anaki
    but sadly my pc broke and whn i cld get back on
    i cld't get into my old account sad
    I believe it's been hacked crying
    therefore i made this new one
    -Fallen Anaki-
    since i cant post my old stuff in this new name
    please read some of my stuff under Chibi Anaki
    Black Box, Scarf, The woods, Invisible, just to name a few
    to those of you who have already read them
    thanks for reading them ^^
    and to those who have read Dream Mirror
    thanks for reading it and giving it a good review ^^
    im not sure if ill write more
    the story is in my head
    but at the moment it has no desire to be written
    if u'd like for it to continue
    then please tell me
    as always i love reading your comments and finding wat you think
    even if its hurtful ill take it ^^'
    as always thank you ^^