• My heart is silently breaking as i finally realise its true and i'll never get you back.
    Cause never again will you miss me
    never again will you want me
    or need me

    because it's true
    you're great
    and you moved on
    she's everything im not
    and you love her like you never loved me

    You'll never know how much it hurts me to know that i was never enough
    that she was always on ur mind
    even when we were together

    And it breaks my heart even more now that your gone
    because i know you'll never come back

    I ran away
    but youh didnt follow
    and now i dont know whats the point in living
    because i no longer have you to hold me.

    and no longer will you be there when i need you
    no longer will you say you love me
    and no longer will you think of me
    or miss me
    or even need me just a little
    because youre over me
    but i will always love you and need u

    my soul will always yearn for you
    and my body ache for you're touch
    and my heart will scream for you
    but never again will it be ok

    because now youre gone
    and i dont know whats the point in living.