• My body yearns for the reprieve that Sleep brings.
    Without her, I feel as though I can't tend to daily things,
    Such as class, assignments, and so on.
    Now, and for a while, I have felt as though my drive to live is gone.
    The drive I had to leave my room and experience life, has gone and died.
    I no longer feel that urge to do anything anymore, I've collapsed inside.
    Now, Sleep, she cons me, lures me into her false sense of reprieve.
    She ruins me in more ways than you could ever believe.
    She knows that I am not in my normal state of mind,
    And that solitude is what I am dying to find.
    She takes advantage of me in my depressive state,
    Knowingly that the matter of this all I will not debate
    Or fight her, I will give in, like I do every time.
    Despite the fact that I know damn well I'm
    Growing sicker and sicker each day I lay
    And let her let me sleep my life away.
    She's killing me, a slow burn to a dire flame,
    Leaving me even more exhausted than the time before, making me sadder that she came
    And lulled me into my bed, beneath the warm blankets and sheets,
    Leading me to the dreamland, with all of life's delights and sweets.
    Only to wake and find myself more hurt than I was before.
    I am afraid to sleep, I don't want to feel this anymore.
    I just want to cry, I don't want to try and make things right.
    I've given up yet again; no more, I will no longer fight.
    Sleep, take me. Continue to break me the way that you have for I will not complain.
    Keep me in your immobilizing hold, for I am use to its pain.
    Sleep, I give you me.
    Take it, take it all, I am yours for all eternity.