• I know that there is more to every story.
    Good or bad it must still occur.
    And another side to every being.
    Trapped. Locked up forever.
    A sea of emotions.
    No person sees nor hears these other sides.
    I figure that we should know it.
    Though I don't search for it.
    For what do I know?
    I know pain, sadness, fear.
    Lowly feelings that is all I know.
    Happiness locked in an iron barred cell.
    Crying, wanting, waiting to be freed.
    My smile? That isn't happiness.
    But merely a cover to hide a prisoner inside.
    Deep in the back of my mind.
    Painful memories slowly burning holes
    to be sure that they are never forgotten.
    Years of anger built up.
    Held back.
    Until one small instance.
    An explotion of anger and sadness.
    You don't know the other side of others.
    The secret behind everyones mask.
    You never know what that person sees.
    The places they have gone.
    You don't know the other side of me.