• All alone in this room
    Lost for words
    Of what to say

    Moments like this
    As the slilence rings in my ears
    makes me want to fly away

    Exiled by my family
    To this lonley room
    To find a place to mend

    Because of all the cuts
    From walking through thorns
    Just trying to find the end

    In my time of solitude
    Surrounded in black
    The darkness makes me sigh

    For times like this
    When it hurts the most
    I want to learn to fly

    Believe it or not
    This room is comfort
    From what lies on the other side

    These silent walls
    And cold wooden floors
    Are my only place to hide

    Times like these
    When i sit in the darkness
    and stare upon the door

    Makes me want to
    Break through the roof
    Spred my wings and soar

    I want to fly away
    From this lonesome town
    Thats done nothing but make me blue

    Take you upon my back
    On an adventure
    To start my life anew

    With you on my back
    With you at my side
    I would have the strength to say

    Lets not wait my love
    Lets do it now
    Let me fly away