• Wasn’t there.
    Always drank
    Rarely cared
    Not one to thank

    Living without a father is something I have to bear
    While living with mom were you ever there?

    To give me hugs
    To welcome me home
    So I could give you those father’s day mugs?
    Instead you let them roam

    Those nights you stayed up
    Watching your nightly porn
    Then telling mom crap you made up
    Excuses for why you weren’t there when I was born

    Did you even think of what was wrong
    When you got drunk every night
    When you never came home and stayed up long?
    And mom had to put up a fight

    You make up lies
    you connect them as smooth as a song
    You squished butterflies
    And acted like nothing was wrong

    Even though there was plenty
    You refused to tell fact
    You always covered it up gently
    With stuff that didn’t seem like a total crack

    Once you guys divorced and your days were spent
    Mom had to take care of us
    While we were left to wonder where "daddy" went
    we always put up a fuss

    While mom spent her money
    On things to wear and eat
    You just called her honey
    Thinking that you could go buy yourself a treat

    What did you buy at that store?
    The cigarettes, the beer,
    Were those really the only things to adore?
    Those things that you would also spend money on next year
    Instead of us

    My father is the one I was left with
    But he never showed to be much of a man
    He never attempted at getting us gifts
    He never existed in my land

    As I grew up with a father like this
    It has only made me stronger
    Showing me that I can be better than this
    Without him any longer