• “I miss you” they whisper, but no one can hear
    Their hearts in awe, their logic in fear
    Wasting breath to tell the time
    To hear his voice is worth the lie

    Nothing left to hide, they think
    With brains in link, and hearts in sync
    Only minds that are lost somewhere
    To search and find, isn’t now to dare

    But oh the desire that burns his veins
    She bites her lip and ignores the pain
    The butterflies soon turn to bats
    They blame each other for the way they act

    For who can ignore a night that screams?
    Begging to stay clear in memory
    Or a sighing day, that wasted away
    But so enjoyed it was here to stay

    They speak as if they are old friends
    Forgetting a sign that reads “Dead End”
    Walking together down their secret highway
    Saving goodbye for the road “Wrong Way!”