• I'll hold you as close as I can get.
    I feel a fever coming on as I start to sweat.
    I'm know you've heard this all before.
    How she is just not worth it.
    Its getting colder, but I'm holding on.
    Heed my advice, you'll do better this time

    Hey Kid, don't let her back in your head.
    Don't let her back under your skin.
    Look at me, can't you see it'd be better if for once you listened.
    (You can't do any better than that)- last time

    You can hold me close if you feel the need.
    I'm just your best choice, thats hidden inbetween.
    Your eyes, your mind, your fears, and all the tears you've cried.
    I'm trying to keep my composure but I thought that I had more time.
    God is a comedian, I'm the punchline.