• I wonder how someone so smart
    Could fall so hard, so fast
    How could she ruin her life?
    I mean come on, she's not even a wife
    Yet here she is, baby on the way
    She expects someone to say yay?
    Yay for what? ANother teen dropout?
    Another statistic? does she deserve to pout?
    It's her own fault, we all say
    We have no sympathy for her, no way!
    And when she lost it,
    She was upset we didn't care?
    That teachers criticized her?
    She's lucky this was just a scare.
    Then she started skippin class
    Wow what a good way to pass
    Sure her heart was breaking
    As depression slither its way in
    She should be used to the feeling
    Of not fitting in
    I mean come on, look at her man
    He already has a child
    A family she'll never belong to
    She's no stranger to sin
    Let's just forget her
    Because when you get down to it
    She's really not pure