• In this world, there are two Bodies, both shining bright,
    And they alone contain the power to dispel the Night.
    One is the Sun, the Sky’s corona, wrapped in fields of blue.
    The other—just as warm and fair—that other one is You.

    There was a dream in which I saw You, in my mind’s eye,
    And You were absolutely perfect; my mind doesn’t lie.
    As beauty beyond words enwrapped You, I felt oddly plain,
    But, beckoning, You took my hand, and it began to rain.

    The rain was slow and sweet and warm, a gentle summer’s kiss,
    And we were there amid the storm, and I felt only bliss.
    The Sky was dark, but far from dreary; the storm wouldn’t last,
    As steadily as it had met us, it began to pass.

    The clouds were parted, breaking, though the rain caressed us still,
    And from their midst a golden Sunset’s rays began to spill.
    Your face was wreathed in gilded light; I couldn’t help but stare,
    Right then, all meant nothing, but that You and I were there.

    Your hands were warmer than the rain rolling down my back,
    You were my Sun; in Your arms, there was not a thing I lacked.
    I had no unanswered longing, I had no consuming dread;
    There was You and I, our perfect Love, and rainbows overhead.

    And that was where I wished to linger, live forever in that dream.
    When I awoke, I closed my eyes to view once more the scene.
    Just once more to breathe Your fragrance, one more chance to be with You.
    My mind can’t lie; I know that, someday, my dream will come true.