• Slowly Falling Upward.

    You silently sit inside yourself, stuck in thought so deep

    Each thought carrying burden, and the heart begins to sleep.

    Slowly the clouds inside, turn a dying gray

    Pushing all emotion, where soon they'll fade away.

    In to all cherished memories, darkness begins to seap.

    The vivid soul burns brightly, that soon the dark will reap.

    Fogging and shading the inner mirror of our destined selves

    Leaving all our hopes and dreams locked upon the shelves.

    The grass of the lush green fields, no longer wants to stay

    The grass slowly dies with every thought gone a stray.

    Finally bent and breaking, you see no place to turn.

    The fire inside your soul, it no longer wants to burn.

    The world inside yourself has now begun to die.

    Each moment lived afterward can only be a lie.

    You slowly fall reaching end of all you seem to know.

    Then a hand reaches outward and refuses to let you go.

    Joined by another hand, the world is flipped around

    you start to fall toward the sky instead of to the ground.

    You move upward slowly, rekindling your flame.

    Remembering that these burdens never were your blame.

    The grass it grows back greener, its fought back all the dark.

    The heart begins to beat again, for each victory is a spark.

    You see yourself more clearly, the two hands can now be seen.

    Those two hands belong to you, it's almost like a dream.

    Thoughts no longer cloud your mind, the gray starts to retreat

    You learn your actions are your own, this lesson you'll not repeat

    your heart no longer has to weep, your days, no longer numbered.

    This lesson you have learned, while you were slowly falling upward.