• Staring at the pieces
    Of her picture as it burns
    Staring at the words
    Written on the note

    Tossing the note into the fire
    Watching it as it dies away
    The lies.
    The love I once knew.

    For days I felt invisible to you.
    Now I see why.
    You were already in the arms of someone else.
    The lies you told me.

    I told you
    You were my life.
    You shot me down with the betrayal.
    Finally hitting the final blow.

    Screaming my throat raw.
    In anger and pain.
    I cant ******** believe you'd be this cruel.
    Left me raw and broken

    Smashing the mirror with my fist
    Before turning to face the world
    Not looking back.
    Never giving you that pleasure again.

    Goodbye to my past.
    Goodbye to that love.
    Goodbye to that pain.
    Hello to my future.