• They elude my glance
    When they look in my eyes
    There are secrets so deep
    Not even I can find
    I'm falling, i'm breaking
    My heart is aching
    But I can't stand up
    And find the answer
    For all these lies.

    I hate to be alone
    But I don't want you here
    With my loneliness beside me
    I'm happy living in fear
    In fear of pain
    In fear of games
    In fear of living
    But never making a name.

    I want to believe
    That it isn't me
    I'm not the monster
    That people see
    Even though I can't breathe
    I'm still getting by
    As long as I can lie
    When I say that i'm fine.

    I'll be trying again
    Trying to change
    I lost myself
    While at the head of the game
    I'll show them again
    Who I really am
    But keep to myself
    As much as I can.

    I need to know
    What i'm searching for
    Is it happiness?
    Or just to endure?
    When will the weight be lifted
    And set me free
    Free from the poison
    That's taking over me.

    I'm made of secrets and apathy
    But i'm not really there
    I'm a ghost to the world
    In a country full of despair
    You better second guess your hunch
    Because we're losing light
    My time's almost up.