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    A brave man once requested me to answer questions that are key "Is it to be or not to be?" and I replied "Oh why ask me?"

    through a series of unimaginable events

    and I will try to drop a few hints

    I found why that question was key

    and exactly why he asked me.

    It all started when I found an abandoned wolf cub on the side of the street one day

    it was starving, shivering, cold, for it I did pray.

    I gave it some food, thinking to not do so would be incredibly rude.

    the next day I returned, seeing the wolf had gained a little attitude

    when I gave it more food, it snubbed it, turning up its nose

    I put my hands on my hips, striking a pose

    all I could do now was take it in

    To not do such would be a sin

    Well over the days, we were fast friends

    but one day everything ends

    that little critter definitely grew

    and I mean quickly too!

    it grew wilder, less and less tame

    I found myself thinking, "wow, this is really lame"

    One day the wolf got out of its room, and as I was cooking a roasted goat

    it attacked me, tearing at my throat

    in that flash, I remembered the times, the good the bad

    and really, in all the pain, it just made me sad

    I recalled that moment, my life flashing before my eyes

    should I have let it be? but then it would have died!

    I remembered, I remembered

    "Is it to be or not to be?" said he, and I replied "Leave it be."

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