• It was happening again. Luna could feel it. the strongest urge she's had to be with Nova. Well, above the earth, everyone had names. Luna was the moon, and Nova, her sun. The other planets had moons which yearned for Nova, but only Luna had ever won his affection. He had no interest in anything or anyone other than the humans put between them. Maybe that was why she was the only one to catch his attention, and win his care.

    But by now, it had been three millennium since they had separated. He was too hot for her, and her, too cold for him. But she still loved him. "Nova?" she asked quietly. She tried not to ask too often. Once every thousand years isn't so bad, right? Right now, she was guarding the dozing side of the humans. She looked up over the earth, trying to meet his eyes. "Nova, why do we have to stay apart? I can grow to enjoy the warmth you radiate. After all, I am quite.. cold."

    Nova, who had been waking the east coast, glanced up at her, then turned away. "Luna, we've had this talk before.."
    "I know, but I just can't understand!"
    "Your joy..." Nova murmured barely loud enough for her to hear.
    "My... joy...?"
    "Your happiness, the mirth you bring when we are together is not suitable for earth."
    "For millions of years, we have lived as the balance for earth. Just as Callisto and her 60 sisters-"
    "-have kept the balance with Jupiter well enough that I don't have to. Earth is the only planet with one satellite, you, Luna, you, and there has to be a balance somewhere."

    Luna kept quiet for a few minutes. She knew Nova was right. "But.. mirth.. laughter... happiness... those are never bad things, are they? A smile only creates more smiles... right?"
    "Luna.. That's what the humans believe. Perhaps for them, yes, but should they see two opposites laughing and smiling.. Luna, who will guard the side you are on if you leave? How we are.. How we have been.. is for the best. One of us, you, must soothe the souls of the sad, while the other, me, must give to the joyful and set limits. You remember Icarus.."
    "Yes.. Icarus and his father didn't go during the night. And.."
    "And he got too close to me."
    ".... I do love you, though."
    "And I, you. Maybe when this is over, if the earth ever gets a new moon, then it can be all about us."

    The moonlight turned her face downward. She didn't want to let Nova see her crying. On the other side of the earth, Nova shone brighter than normal. He was sad, but had to make up for it.

    Back on earth, as the sun was setting, the mother of a little boy called him inside. He looked back at the sun one more time before going inside. The table was set, and as they began to eat supper, the father threw out that it was very hot outside today - a nice day for swimming. The little boy glanced back outside toward the sun that had set a few minutes earlier. "I think the sun was.. crying.."