• Your the apple to her eye.
    The song she sings at night.
    The one that chased the darkness away.
    The one who wrote her life a destiny.
    Shes all you need to succeed.
    Shes everything for you to be.
    There's no one else who takes her place,
    in your heart,
    like she does everyday.
    Listen to your heart.
    It is right.
    And keep that last kiss fresh in your mind,
    cuz its one of the only memories that will stay.
    He's the risk that you took.
    The heart that got hooked.
    So don't be afraid.
    And be in your destiny,
    like it was made.
    No matter how far it goes.
    No matter how close it gets.
    Taking that risk is,
    oh so worth it.
    Your all his mouth can move to.
    All his eyes can mirror.
    And quite frankly,
    the only one he loves like he does.