• blood starts to poor out of her ears like a waterfall,
    but in the waterfall there is beauty in this there is death,
    the closing of her eyes is steadily getting faster as a crystal clear tear slides down her pale cheek,
    the twitch in her hands and also in her spine,
    she's shaking and having flash back from a forgotten time,
    when she was young she was so afraid,
    that one day it would all end,
    she peeked out of her bedroom door,
    only to find there was blood on the floor,
    silent screaming in her head,
    she followed the trail to find her mother dead,
    hand wide open,
    other hand on her heart,
    looking up to see the man who torn them apart,
    Her only father was just sitting there,
    watching the blood run with a terrified stare,
    he got the feeling he was being watched from behind,
    he hysterically jumped up and soon the girl realized the man lost his mind,
    she screamed for her brother witch was also there massacred by her feet at the top of thee stairs,
    her eyes went red,
    her smile was evil,
    the father ran out as a spirit came in,
    he was locked in the house and fell on the table,
    he slowly watched as his daughter resembled the devil,
    she glided down the stairs to the father,
    lifting one finger and started to mutter,
    you killed them you killed them, don't you see there all dead?
    why did you do this,
    when did you loose your mind,
    what did they do to hurt you this time?
    a mist then took the memory away,
    always remembering that horrid day,
    the day when death and murder looked in her eyes,
    a day when all trust was lost and disguised,
    she had tried so hard to forget that day but 10 years later,
    death was back in her face,
    life catches up,
    sometimes too fast,
    all depends on what happens last,
    there she was alone again in her white gown candle beside her as her family gathered around,
    is this the end that I've waited for?
    why does the blood remain on the floor,
    she lost her mind,
    her best friend in front of her dead,
    her husband at the top of the stairs,
    she glanced around then looked by the handrail,
    there sits a little girl in a a white gown it was her daughter then came a sound
    she hadn't heard of in years,
    as soon as she heard,
    out poured the tears,
    the screeching and burning sound,
    as her eyes turned red,
    then followed by the words
    "you killed them you killed them , don't you see their all dead?"
    her life was ended with suffering and pain,
    the beast in the family shall never be tamed,
    if you keep your enemies closer than your friends,
    maybe one day you'll cause their life to end........................