• The clouds are ablaze with a fiery hue
    As the crimson sun makes way for the moon
    A black velvet curtain takes over the night
    Celestial diamonds shine with unearthly light
    As shadows that flit through each corner street
    Fly as free as winged creatures unseen
    And emerald eyes gleam with predatory light
    Punctuating the melancholy darkness of the night
    Then whoosh! Suddenly the northwest breeze
    Delivers the night’s symphony through the trees
    A haunting melody that rivals the clock’s toll
    As it reverberates through each mortal soul
    Hear the wise owl’s sweet mournful coo
    And the guttural moans of the silver wolves
    As they bask in the platinum glow of the moon
    Some with their packs, some left alone
    Hear the shrill chirps of the nighttime beings
    Playing their improvised bells and tambourines
    And the wind plays the trees like a violin
    Rustling and tussling, their leaves the strings
    Ah! A million other sounds I can hear
    Some so obscure, some seem so clear
    A multitude laughing, having fun
    A solitary engine’s hum
    A neighbor playing her piano next door
    My dog snoring on the living room floor
    The faint tick-tocking of the grandfather clock
    Ah so many I just can’t take stock!
    And all of it forms the night symphony
    Presenting the grandest stage man cannot see
    The orchestra performs until the darkness is gone
    As long as the maestro, the moon looks on
    The songs stop immediately when the dawn falls
    So close your eyes now and listen one and all
    To the nighttime symphony delivered by the breeze
    As it travels through every house and all trees.