• How is it possible
    Even after three months
    I still see you everywhere?
    I keep pressing on
    Pushing past the pain
    Towards a bright future.
    But I can't forget
    The bitter-sweet past
    And all you were to me.

    It's the little things
    That keep bringing me
    To you and your memory;
    Sleepless dreaming,
    Unknown passersby,
    Sweet melodies.
    I must be blind
    There is no one
    But you in my eyes

    I keep wondering
    Is this hard
    For you as well?
    Do you see me
    When you are talking
    To another girl?
    Do you look for me
    As often as
    I look for you?

    How often does
    Your brain tell you
    That I'm there?
    How long do you
    cry at night
    when remembering?
    Do you want this
    to become a
    distant memory?

    Three months
    Is truly not that
    long of a time;
    But I still wish
    I was done
    fighting this fight.
    That I could
    Let you go;
    Breathe free again.

    Even though
    it hurts me mightily
    I dont regret it.
    You were a light
    Something bright
    Shining in my world.
    And I dont mind hurting
    If that means one day
    I'll be able to dream again.

    But right now
    I can't see past
    This dark spot
    Everything is
    Weighing me down
    Making me cry out
    Longing for comfort
    for security and peace
    But I can't find it.

    I don't know how
    I will reach
    The other end
    But I'll find
    My reasons
    To keep believing
    That tomorrow
    will be much better
    Than today has been.