• Darkness, blackness
    Emptiness, Vastness
    Surrounds and encompasses the nothingness
    Of the void
    The air is despair
    I breathe it in
    But cough up desperation
    Loneliness and phlegm
    Nothing is black
    Black is….nothing.


    I think of all my problems
    I think of all my pain
    I think of my betrayals
    Until I go insane

    I think of all the masks I wear
    To hide my hurt and grief
    No one seems to care about
    My sorrows underneath

    My tears are ceaseless- flowing
    Inside my tired eyes
    Each time I try to confess them
    My words become more lies

    For so long I have felt distant
    Far away and out of reach
    My pain is overwhelming
    Causing me to be weak

    I have the knife to my wrist
    Life has reached its lowest height
    I can feel the blood inside me move
    And somehow this isn’t right

    I get up and walk away
    Leaving the knife behind
    Now I’m locked inside my room
    Dead to the world…crying.

    Blood by

    In the darkness I mourn
    In silence I bleed
    In the cold I’m forlorn
    In anger I heed

    I love from far away
    In secret I care
    I admire his self-less ways
    I might tell him….if I dare

    In emptiness I dwell
    Longing for a man
    In sadness so swell
    In no one to understand

    Another day gone down the drain
    Death going through my mind
    I’m drenched in a sea of pain
    To kill me would be kind

    Life after death

    Are you trapped?
    Inside a world you hate?
    Everyone flaunting fake smiles!
    Spreading lies!
    Deep inside we’re all bleeding.
    No one cares!
    They don’t see our tears
    Do you ever feel only hate?
    Are you sick of feeling left out?
    Desperate to find meaning in this world
    Before you’re stuck alone.
    That’s how I feel
    From day to day
    Posers and haters always in the way
    No one to cherish
    No one to love
    It is then that you seek comfort from God above
    When you feel like no one cares,
    He’s always there.
    You’re never alone.
    Thank you for loving me
    When best friends can not be trusted
    Thank you for showing me
    You’re loving
    You’re caring
    And giving us the gift
    Of your amazing grace


    Love is a word full of meaning
    It has been from the beginning
    God’s love was shown on the cross
    Christ died to save the lost
    Love is a powerful word
    Yet feebly, every day it’s heard
    Love was patient, love was kind
    The world holds it to mean nothing in its mind
    Love used to hold no record of wrongs
    Now to everyone and thing it belongs
    We toss it around frivolously every day
    And misuse it in every way.
    A sacred bond love used to symbolize
    Today America holds it to mean nothing in their eyes.


    I feel so alone
    No one can save me now
    I’m on the road of misery
    And it feels like there’s no way out.

    I listen to empty words of comfort
    My friends care
    But they don’t understand!
    They can never understand my hurt

    They’re always there
    But yet are never
    I know they love me
    But they can’t pacify my anger

    There’s so much pain…
    All the pressure is overwhelming
    I’ve hit rock bottom
    And have nothing to gain

    I can be surrounded by a sea of people
    And still feel so alone
    Out of life within
    Out of love to give

    Breathe in
    Breathe out
    Another empty day goes by
    Another day of my life


    I slit my wrist again
    Releasing hatred and pain
    A battle I’ll never win
    A trophy never to be gained

    I’ve opened up these scars
    I’ll have to face this
    I’ve pulled myself so far
    I’ve forgotten where my hiding place is

    Bleeding out all my pain and sadness
    Day by sad day I feign my gladness
    Pain flowing out of my open scars
    Letting out the emotion that was trapped behind these bars.

    Everything I pretend to be
    Pulls me one step closer to the edge
    I need my pain relieved
    It’s building up and it’s more than I can take

    Free wills

    No one listens
    No one cares
    They just judge
    They just stare

    No one wants to help
    No one wants to see
    How they hurt everyone
    How they hurt me.

    There’s nothing to lose
    There’s nothing to gain
    There is only sorrow
    There is only pain

    There is always death
    There is always sin
    No one can escape
    No one can win

    Darkness over comes
    Darkness overpowers
    The void kills light
    The void kills flowers

    Nothingness overcomes
    Nothingness heals
    Everyone bleeds
    Everyone feels

    Sadness envelopes
    Sadness kills
    There goes our meaning
    There goes our free wills

    To the media we listen
    To the media we are a slave
    I am stronger than that
    I will not cave