• The forest was wet and damp,full of mud
    I ran through all of it, tears and blood.
    I cried my worries all away
    and let all of my good times fade.
    I taste my tears and
    all my fears
    are really getting to head.
    I just wish that I were fast asleep in my cozy bed.
    I knew I should have listened to mom
    But all of her advice was just really wrong.
    To me.
    I always am thinking of myself,
    no one I never thought of to help
    Foolish was I, and also very vain
    This makes me feel their pain
    of those I always turned down
    I never even dared to look at their frowns.
    I kept my head held up high to the fifth degree
    I made them sad so I could be filled with glee.
    I can't believe what I have done.
    Now look at me,
    I am on the run
    running from all my troubles.
    not confronting them just letting them double.
    I miss mom. I miss dad. I miss our house and i should not have gotten mad.
    I regret the mistakes I made in the past
    I just want to go back and let the good times last.
    Last forever and ever.

    I'll stop.
    Stop running from my fears.
    No more tears down my face.
    I'll stay in one place.
    On the ground and stay stable.
    No more more living in those fables.
    I am strong.
    I can conquer anything.
    No more I want this I want that bling bling ching ching.

    I have my say.