• I can't believe I never did it sooner, but I guess I was never the kind of guy to think ahead... I always felt this way, but never consulted you on these certain premesis, I am a fool for not acting sooner... Why was I so nieve? I couldn't even see the possibilities that would later entail, for I only stayed hidden, waiting for you... I still wonder why I never thought that it would be a good idea, to just say those three words, that could change the future, and reverse the past... I am lucky to now have you by my side, and to now be able to call you mine, and to now see your beauty through open eyes... I can't believe that I was so scared, to do something that really isn't that difficult, but yet, still seems so strange to so many, I always dreamed of these days, but never expected them to become reality... And it really only to a few words to complete the hole in my heart, soul, and spirit... And it's as easy, and simply, most smoothly said, quite contradictory to hard, but all so clear as this:

    I love you... heart