• Farrah Mariah pushed the doors open from the casino. scream "I CANNOT beleive you did that, Jackson Micheals. YOU CHEATED ON ME AGAIN, IN THE SAME MONTH. Jerk!" Jackson felt a heave of guilt. redface "Farrah, I bloody didn't! She came after ME!" He chased after her. She stopped. "Billy was right. I should have never dated you." He smiled at a load of people that got off a bus, signaling that there wasn't a problem. "Listen," he grabbed her arm, yanking her over to him. mad "You listen." Farrah tried to struggle away, but couldn't break his iron grip. "If you don't forgive me, I hope you go through hell with your new boyfreind. And, damn it, Farrah, if you hook up and get hitched with Billy, I swear..." stare Farrah started crying. "I hate you, b*****d!" Jackson growled and went back into the casino, planning not to go sober that night, and to have a new girlfreind. He heard a shrill shriek, and turned just in time to see Farrah get hit by a car.

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