• She said "hello, its really nice to meet you
    I'd like to play the game of love so i could possibly defeat you
    And honestly, I want a piece of your heart
    So I could take that ******** and I can tear it apart"
    I said "wow, aren't you a little savage,
    and honestly I'm over all the emotional baggage, its girls like you, that have never heard of shame, they take pieces of the soul and turn it into a game,
    But when you started out you didn't even read your own rules,
    so now I turned this s**t around and made you look like a fool
    I tried to tell you we needed more, that love isn't simple,
    but I've come to realize you're as deep as a thimble
    You treated me like a stair, something for steppin on,
    But girls I'm like a factory steadily pressin on
    So when it comes down to it, when its all done and said,
    Ill be the one you're thinkin' 'bout when you're lying in bed."

    I said hello, it was really nice to know ya, but I can trust your a** about as far as I can throw ya. And I can tell, you thought your game was fantastic, and I have to admit that it was fun while it lasted. I gave you a chance, but your just the same as this culture, and what I really need right now is a girl with a good head on her shoulders. Someone like you, only interesting to talk to, a familiar state of mind and a gorgeous attitude. Its okay if you want something instead, but if you see me walking by, just keep on looking ahead. Don't step to me and tell me what your going through. That he cheated on you treated you like you were his shoes. He put you on one day and took you off the next. How does it feel to be the king the queen puts in check? You didn't read your own rules, the ones you never could keep. It's okay you did me wrong. What you sow you'll reap. I'll be the one your thinkin bout when your trying to sleep when your trying to sleep.

    I said goodbye, it was nice to meet your acquaintance
    But to be quite honest I don't really have the patience
    To go through this drama and play your immature games
    I'm kinda lookin for a girl that truly wants my last name
    But until that time, ill just choose to live free
    You won't run game on me no you're no referee
    You can be like a sorority, just get to steppin
    See I'm not like other guys its not all about sexin'
    I wanna love you, act with kindness, and give you my time
    But I'm just too nice, I guess that was my crime
    You see your mind is poisoned, like an unwanted rat
    But you won't realize until you're old and gray only livin with cats
    But life slows for no one, no he's just too busy
    Is this too much for information for you? Is it making you dizzy
    Well its all right baby girl, I understand
    Just remember what you missed out on when you want a real man