• Tears fall down my burning face
    Heart beats all out of place
    Knuckles scrape the bedroom wall
    I'm just trying to make sense of it all
    Erratic lines have gone flat
    No words can take back
    What has become of the strong
    Laying on their back
    I never thought that I would lose you
    Never thought that you would go
    But if you're happy there without me
    I think that you should know
    That I'm letting you go
    This is my unhappy story
    This was my call to arms
    That was my weakened pillar
    I think it's time to let it go
    For nights and nights I have screamed
    Wasted precious time
    Not that you weren't worth it
    But the wound needs to close
    A peace of mind
    Is what I've found
    A happiness
    That can resound
    I give my hurt
    Up to the sky
    To finally heal
    But still I'll cry
    For losing you
    Was still so hard
    But now I see
    That you and me
    Will be together
    One day
    I'll be with you