• Another note to myself,
    A post it on the mirror,
    Of all the things I used to think,
    Things I can no longer hear.

    My life is kept on chains,
    The keys of which I yearn.
    My whole goal to find happiness,
    The love of which I never shall learn.

    People shall tell me, I'm too young to die.
    But what would you do, if it was you looking through these eyes?
    What is there to live for, when what I seek is found,
    Then torn away, and thrown to the ground.

    If I have a reason here on the world,
    My everlasting sadness covers it deeply.
    My waterfall of tears from my face continues to flow,
    I have no one, nothing to show.

    I live a lie to so many people now,
    Nothing but a fake and a nobody being.
    I wish I could be important, to be needed.
    In the mirror shows an image I don't remember seeing.

    If I could take back everything, I would.
    If I could end it all, I should.
    If I am no longer important to this world, I'll move on.
    If I can no longer bear the pain, then I won't be wrong.

    I don't know who I am, or why I am the way I must be.
    All I know is, I really wish to be deceased.
    If I am wrong, If I am crazy in your eyes.
    Then so be it, I can live with another lie.

    Since this is all I seem to live,
    All I do, all I strive.
    Then I'll go into my car and put it in drive,
    And as I drive towards the end of the road, give you my last goodbye.

    I'll tell you I'm sorry, and I wish I could have made you proud.
    I'll beg to be forgiven, and for you not to cry.
    I'll say I love you, and that shall be my goodbye;
    Because there is no point in continuing this lie.