• If I said I love you would the world collapse?
    If I said I cared for you would your mind relapse?
    Would you have to go back in time, through all the rubbish,
    the struggles and the grime?
    I just hoped it was all meant to be,
    you and me, for eternity,
    maybe the world aint so cold,
    and maybe my emotions are just to bold,
    But would you have noticed me had they went untold?
    I'd like to say I told you so,
    that I was right the whole time, you know?
    But forget that thought, I'm being naive,
    meant to give you a point to all this before you leave:
    Your voice it's like nothing else,
    when I look in your eyes I see myself,
    and you've remained the same, but I keep changing,
    can't decide on what to become so I'm rearranging,
    becoming a better me, and all I'll be striving to the end, that will be my fate, my destiny.
    Well I can't say so much more or I'd be talking in spheres,
    and with it your attention disappears.
    So I say to you good night, my love farewell,
    and God bless you most of all, both have pulled me out of hell...

    ~Thoughts of Dratch.