• When memories cry
    When memories fade and die

    I'm going to grow old
    My passion
    My fiery passion
    My flaming lust is going to grow cold

    But my heart will always flow with a molten, love lava
    In your name this lava flows through my veins
    My heart beats for you
    My heart will never cease to beat your name

    When I lose my charm and my glamor
    When I lose my physique and my game
    When I'm old and wrinkly
    When I cannot look myself in the mirror
    I'll still stare at you

    When memories fade
    When I forget the days of the week
    And the months of the year
    When I mix names
    And faces
    The memory of you
    Will always shine bright and clear
    Your image
    Has been burnt to my memory
    I will never forget your radiance and beauty

    I will die happy
    With the image of your sweet smile
    On my mind
    And love
    On my lips and in my heart