• He wants to be a rock star and
    he wants to be their savior
    His people think he's Jesus Christ
    His blood red wine to savor.

    Nailed to his stage
    with his friends he's had to carry
    He has no one left to turn to
    He has no Virgin Mary

    His lover is a temple
    But he has not prayed in ages
    His life's a blur of parables
    Blinding lights and wooden stages

    His friends scream out "Crusify!"
    But that is just as well.
    Success has made him what he is
    Trapped inside a living hell

    No one can hear him crying
    As the guitar strings tear his skin
    No one can hear him screaming
    As the Devil's tempting him

    More Than Mortal , but still a man
    Leapers screaming at his gate
    Whores wash his feet with their hair
    He'd love to quit but fears their fate